Change and transformation 8hours

Change and transformation (Practice 13) is an output. These are changes in the organisation necessary for, or part of, realising the benefits. The Change and transformation competence element enable the individual to help societies, organisations and individuals to change or transform, thereby achieving projected benefits and goals. 

Instructional Objectives 

  • Assess the adaptability to change of the organisation(s) 
  • Identify change requirements and transformation opportunities 
  • Develop change or transformation strategy 
  • Implement change or transformation management strategy 


Lesson 1 : Assess the adaptability to change of the organisation(s)

  • Study the change history and determine the level of adaptability.
  • Research the potential areas of resistance.
  • Influence the circumstances that can raise the level of adaptability.
  • Take action when the change exceeds the level of adaptability.


Lesson 2 : Identify change requirements and transformation opportunities

  • Identify those people directly involved.
  • Analyze the interests.
  • Regularly investigate what should and could change.
  • Adapt yourself when interests change.


Lesson 3 : Develop change or transformation strategy

  • Identify possible change strategies.
  • Work together to validate these.
  • Document the change strategy.
  • Apply a step by step approach when this is necessary.
  • Learn from the experience.
  • Amend the strategy when necessary.


    Chapter 4 : Implement change or transformation management strategy

    • Ensure you have a coordinated collection of interventions.
    • Implement the interventions.
    • Organize and lead workshops and training.
    • Openly bring up the subject of resistance.
    • Make use of mass media interventions.
    • Encourage new behavior.


    Prof. Dr. Chinwi Mgbere


    President, Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria – PMDAN.

    Managing Director for Construction “Nazarbayev University”





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