Plan and control 8hours

Integration and control of all activities is described in the competence element Plan and control (Practice 10).  Apart from that, the individual has to identify, prioritise and mitigate the main Risk and opportunity (Practice 11) and to assess, and engage with, Stakeholders (Practice 12).

The Plan and control (Practice 10) competence element enable the individual to establish and maintain a balanced and integrated view over the management of a project/programme/portfolio. Maintaining the balance, consistency and performance is crucial in order to achieve the agreed outcomes of the project/programme/portfolio. 

Instructional Objectives:

  • Draw up a project management plan and get it approved
  • Initiate and manage the transition to a new phase
  • Compare the actual situation to the plan and take action
  • Report on the progress
  • Handle change requests
  • Close-out of a phase, or the project and evaluate it


Lesson 1 : Start the project and develop and get agreement on the project management plan

  • Organize the startup process.
  • Collect the necessary information from the people involved.
  • Analyze value and prioritize this information.
  • Organize and facilitate a Project Startup workshop.
  • Obtain approval for the mandate or project management plan.
  • Communicate about the plan.


Lesson 2 : Initiate and manage the transition to a new project phase

  • Organize the control processes for the next phase.
  • Define the project results and the objectives for the next phase.
  • Manage the phase transition.
  • Organize and facilitate a kick-off meeting.

1hr. 10min.

Lesson 3 : Control project performance against the project plan and take any necessary remedial actions

  • Define a control cycle for the project.
  • Define the way in which you will carry out this control.
  • Measure performance and progress.

    2hrs. 27min.

    Chapter 4 : Report on project progress

    • Implement a reporting structure.
    • Produce a progress report.
    • Produce a forecast.
    • Produce a phase transition report.

    2hrs 1min.

    Chapter 5 : Assess, get agreement on, and implement project changes

    • Organize the change control process.
    • Complete the necessary change forms.
    • Amend the configuration when necessary.

    1hr. 35min.

    Chapter 6 : Close and evaluate a phase or the project

    • Organize the close-out.
    • Organize a close-out workshop.
    • Facilitate the evaluation.
    • Produce a close-out document.

    1hr. 35min.

    Prof. Dr. Chinwi Mgbere


    President, Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria – PMDAN.

    Managing Director for Construction “Nazarbayev University”

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