Scope 8hours

Scope (Practice 3) describes the specific boundaries of the project, programme or portfolio. 

The scope (practice 3) competence element enable the individual to acquire insight into what the boundaries of the project, programme and portfolio scope are and to manage this scope; and to understand how scope influences (and is influenced by) decisions regarding the management and execution of the project, programme or portfolio. 

Instructional Objectives 

  • Define the project, programme or portfolio. scope 
  • Define the scope structure of the project, programme or portfolio 
  • Manage the scope of the components 
  • Establish and maintain scope configuration 


Lesson 1 : Define the project deliverables

  • Define the project deliverables.
  • Differentiate between goal and deliverable.
  • Group the goals and the associated deliverables.
  • Utilize the goal hierarchy.



Lesson 2 : Structure the project scope

  • Explain why you structure the scope.
  • Structure the scope with the help of a Work Breakdown Structure.
  • Explain the different aspects of the WBS.
  • State the boundaries of the project.
  • Estimate the level of detail required.

1hr. 10min.

Lesson 3 : Define the work packages of the project

  • Differentiate between work packages and planning packages.
  • Explain the goal of well-defined work packages.
  • Describe the work packages.

    2hrs. 27min.

    Chapter 4 : Establish and maintain scope configuration

    • Identify configuration items.
    • Manage the scope configuration.
    • Record roles and responsibilities.
    • Relate the configuration to the project approach.

    2hrs 1min.

    Prof. Dr. Chinwi Mgbere


    President, Project Managers Development Association of Nigeria – PMDAN.

    Managing Director for Construction “Nazarbayev University”

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