Dostyk Residence

Dostyk Residence – the choice of successful people who appreciate peace and privacy, but at the same time wanting to stay in the business center of the city. Dostyk Residence – the quality of life of a new level. All future owners of apartments will fully appreciate the full meaning of the English expression “home sweet home” …

The residential complex Dostyk Residence is located at the foot of the Koktobe mountain, along the Dostyk avenue, at the intersection with Z.Omarova street. Occupies a territory of 1 hectare.  The complex consists of three 7-storey blocks with a total area of 130,065 square meters. m. All buildings are monolithic with reinforced concrete structures, and the facades are lined with natural travertine. LCD put into operation

The “Smart House” system is designed to make your life in Dostyk Residence easy and comfortable. It limits access to the complex’s territory – you can specify access by auto or radio number. The security system forms a single unit with other servicing equipment – on the children’s playgrounds, video cameras are installed, which allow watching the kids remotely, and monitoring of abandoned objects is provided. In places of common use, the Smart House maintains the preset air temperature.

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