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July 7, 2020

Outdated and frustrating systems, coupled with a mindset of maintaining the status quo, make the case for modern project controls

Complexity is growing across all areas of construction projects. To be successful organizations require a new way of thinking and working that align field and office workers, information is shared with external and dispersed teams – across organizations. Vast amounts of data, information and cue are interpreted to make rapid decisions. 

The legacy systems and spreadsheets used throughout the years to manage projects do not allow contractors to operate with needed levels of productivity, transparency, or control. This can impact project delivery success— and limit organizations’ ability to adapt quickly and grow.

The inability to support collaboration between internal and external teams frustrate organizations the most about their current project control solutions.

Modern, cloud-based project control systems enable businesses to rapidly deploy new projects, adapt to unique and changing business requirements, and operate leaner with teams using data rather than collecting it.


Modernizing Project Controls for the Digital Era.http://www.oracle.com/industries/construction-engineering/



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