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To survive today’s rapidly changing and turbulent business environment, you need to undergo more frequent transformations to stay competitive and agileWe help you implement a performance driven digital transformation strategy that enable agility, flexibility and resilience in your organization, secure adoption, foster innovation, and build a foundation for future ready workforce for future digital transformational advances.

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1. Initiate

How should planning be structured?

  • Sponsorship, scope & stakeholders
  • Planning team resource


The planning engagement includes appropriate organizational sponsorship. Stakeholders and participants in the planning process are identified and analyzed and appropriate engagement strategies are defined. The project engagement is planned at an activity, resource and output level using the modules, guidelines and resources from this framework.



2. Discover (Map)

What are the major influences?

  • Current state
  • Horizon scan
  • Digital & technology trend

Information about the current state of the planning organization is gathered including the business drivers and strategic direction. A business, information and technology baseline is developed and analyzed. Technology and service industry trends and influences are researched within the context of the strategic direction of the organization. Actions and potential strategies resulting from the analysis and research are identified in readiness for the digital planning activities including workshops.

3. Vision (Assess)

Where do we envision the organization to be?

  • Vision
  • Strategic objectives
  • Benefits, business changes & objectives

A vision is established with stakeholders for where the organization wants to be in relation to its digital capability. Objectives and strategies are identified that will deliver measurable business benefits. Incremental and measurable changes in digital transformation and technology capability are identified.

4. Strategy (Plan)

How can the organization get there?

  • Principles
  • Strategies
  • Risks & challenges
  • Digital strategy
  • Target state architecture
  • Gap analysis

The digital strategy or plans are developed in collaboration with stakeholders. These documents undergo organization wide consultation before being approved. Gaps in capability are identified in preparation for investment planning and prioritization.


5. Priorities (Plan)

What needs to be done and when?

  • Roadmaps
  • Initiative proposal 

6. Monitor (Control)

Are the right outcomes and benefits being achieved?

  • Management of the portfolio

The digital transformation of the organization is monitored against the strategies and plans, including the performance of programs and projects in a portfolio of investments. The degree to which benefits are being realized as well as the performance of program and projects are measured in line with best practice methodologies such as Management of Portfolios (MoP). 

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